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Dolores River Boating Advocates River Camp is a 5-day overnight summer camp from June 6-10th, 2023.  Youth in Montezuma and Dolores Counties entering 7th, 8th, or 9th grade are eligible to participate.  Parents drop off participants at the Cortez Recreation Center on Tuesday morning and pick them up at Joe Rowell Park in Dolores on Saturday afternoon.  Youth and staff base camp at a national forest campground along the west fork of the Dolores and venture out each day for activities.  This year, we are looking at 2 days rafting, a day learning to fly fish, and some hiking throughout.  The camp focuses on providing experiences with a variety of recreational activities (rafting, fishing, swimming, hiking) in the Dolores River watershed and opportunities to learn more about the ecology, cultural and human history, and current issues facing the Dolores River.  Throughout camp, there is also a focus on building confidence, leadership, responsibility, and healthy social emotional skills by engaging in team building, camp chores, and circle ups.  We hope to provide an experience that connects youth more deeply with the Dolores River, their peers, and themselves.

The cost of camp is free for local youth thanks to our partnership with the Montezuma Inspire Coalition and funding from Great Outdoors Colorado, the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Outdoor Equity Grant Program, and the Borman Family Foundation.  All camping gear, food, and activities are included. No experience or gear is necessary to participate, other than a short list of basic overnight items (clothes, shoes, towel, etc.).  If a participant is in need of any items on our packing list, we will work to provide them.  All camp activities are supervised by qualified professionals with appropriate experience and medical training.  Rafting trips are facilitated by a licensed outfitter with professional guides and all safety equipment is provided.  Fishing instruction is facilitated by a local group of experienced fishermen and all fishing equipment and eye protection is provided.  PFDs (lifejackets) are provided for swimming.  Camp staff hold certifications in Wilderness First Aid, CPR, and Swiftwater Rescue, and a Camp Medic is present at all times who is either a licensed physician, registered nurse, licensed practical nurse, or licensed physician’s assistant.

Interested youth may apply by completing an online application here.  We keep applications open until early May and prioritize youth with the highest need and desire to attend.  We will reach out in early May with more information and selection decisions.  

For more information, or to request a paper application, please contact Alana Bond at 808-443-9250 or